Networking Tips

“Network”. For many people, just hearing that word invokes feelings of dread and anxiety. It’s a form of professional and social interaction that is vital in nearly all professional settings and fields, scientific and non-scientific alike. While looking for a job, you’ve probably heard the term “network” more times than you can remember. If you truly want to advance your career and get ahead, you need to get comfortable with networking.

As you’ve probably gathered, networking is much more than showing up, grabbing some free snacks, and passing out business cards or resumes. It’s about meeting people, sharing who you are, what you do, and gaining some valuable contacts and information that you can use in your job search or at work in the future.

For any professional, especially those in the life science discipline, it is crucial to have a well-established network to get in touch with others who may or may not be in your field. These contacts can provide you with new insights, point you towards a direction you are seeking, and help land your next career changing opportunity.

To take networking to the next level and make it effective for all parties, all it takes is a little preparation and practice.

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