Top 30 “Ideal” Biotech Employers

The life sciences communities have spoken, and below are the 30 companies that rose to the top. Thanks to an annual survey conducted by BioSpace, results show that life sciences professionals consistently rank interesting and meaningful work, competitive salaries and good industry reputations as the most important employer attributes. Accordingly, it comes without surprise that the companies who have been recognized as “Ideal Employers” also scored well in all three of these categories. However, companies can improve can always improve.

Employers looking to attract and retain top talent will need to emphasize opportunities for continued career growth within the company, develop and offer flexible work schedules that allow employees to create a healthy work/life balance, and to create an engaging and inclusive company culture. These organizations must also create opportunities to spread the word about these initiatives through employer branding and employee advocacy.

The survey results shown below represent the views of 2,440 respondents, mentions of over 1,100 companies, and the results of 7,113 votes cast for ideal employers of 2017.

Top 30 Ideal Employers










Biospace’s proprietary first annual ideal employer survey was conducted to explore life science professionals and students in regard to their choice of ideal employers and their reasoning behind it. The study goes beyond the surface and explores the professional, demographic, and attitudinal nuances that determine who someone considers their “ideal employer”.


Biospace’s 2017 Ideal Employer research was conducted via an online survey tool called Sawtooth Software and was a cross-sectional survey conducted in early 2017.


The survey consisted of 21 questions and took approximately 10 minutes to complete. Question formats included a mix of closed-ended questions, matrix questions, and contingency questions.


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