Mental Health Awareness Month with Compass

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. After the last two years of pandemic living, many people are realizing that stress, isolation, and uncertainty have taken a toll on their well-being. This month, we posed the question to our Compass internal team members to find out their ways of relieving stress.

What do you enjoy doing to unwind from work?

Mel Politron (Recruiter)

“As a busy, full-time working mom of three boys, R&R [rest & relaxation] is a bit of a bumpy road! But with that being said…mental health is always top of mind. Although my journey is nowhere near finished, I truly believe that in the last year, my mental health has made massive improvements because I finally made it a point to take care of the things that support my children and my career BEFORE my children. I know it sounds crazy, but here it is.

This means I make it a point to take care of myself as a woman first (waking up before the kiddos, making myself coffee, drinking it before anyone else is awake, and getting ready for my day). By taking care of myself, I can tend to my three boys with all my attention without worrying about getting myself ready or forgetting where my coffee went! I feel like I’m ready, my boys are ready for their days, all the school and daycare drop-offs are complete, and I can focus on my work without feeling overwhelmed!

Then I prioritize my marriage and ensure we’re in a healthy place where we’re happy, fulfilled, attentive, and communicative. This helps to make sure our needs are met, both individually and as a couple. This step, like any other, may look VERY different for everyone. For some people, it may be therapy or couple counseling, dancing, coffee in bed, or even simply a time to talk on the couch. The point is to dedicate time for each other. In our case, it’s date night twice a month and spending time outside daily. Even if it’s only 20 minutes out of the house (on the porch or patio) to clear the mind of the everyday tasks and taking in the world.

In the last year, this helped me take care of my mental health on a daily basis! I treat it like maintenance and not a once-a-year extravaganza that really doesn’t do much for my everyday life. A daily stress reliever for me is simply reading a good book after the kids have gone to bed and I’ve taken a long shower. It helps me take the load of the day off. After reading for 15-20 minutes, I take a notepad and pen and write three things I want to start my day off with tomorrow (re: work or at home). When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and I know that I need some more R&R, it’s a trip to the nail salon, a trip to Napa with some of my best friends, or a simple brunch with my mom and grandmother!”


Shannon Chamberlin (Professional Recruiter)

“I love to take my dog on a walk after work with my boys. It gives me a chance to let go of the stresses of work and focus on what is most important – spending time with the ones I love.”


Lexie Pierce (Recruiter)

“When I need to unwind, I have a couple of things that help keep me focused, and cooking would definitely be one of them. The planning of a great meal, shopping for the best ingredients, solitude in the kitchen while I prep and being creative while I cook. The best part is bringing a smile and full tummies to my family. Also, any time spent with a few close friends can also raise my spirits and give me perspective. I also read a lot, like a book every two days! If all else fails, a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine will do the trick!”


Jessy Hamer (HR Operations Associate)

“After work is over and the family is fed and cleaned up for the evening, I unwind by watching a movie or reading a book. One of my favorite things to do on a break from work is walk in the garden to see how my plants are growing and see what has changed since my last visit.”


Jessie Thomas (Director of Operations/HR)

“Walking my dog has been such a gift, especially during the pandemic. It has been such a great excuse to get out into nature, which I love, and be able to take some deep breaths and reset for the day. I can go out in the morning and evening. It allows me to have my own time, which is sometimes challenging with work and family. I am truly appreciative of my dog and having that time together.”


Finding ways to unwind from work is becoming much more important while everyone has been isolated and working from home for the past two years. With the Memorial holiday coming this weekend, make sure you are taking time off for yourself to stay mentally healthy and resilient!