Global Biopharma Company Aligns with Compass to build US Footprint

Compass connected with a global biopharmaceutical company who was looking for a senior-level Medical Director. The company’s product was already in other global markets and wanted to establish their footprint in the United States.

Challenge – finding a solution with specific professional experience

Compass was selected to help fill a need for a seasoned life-science professional who could lead and begin to help build out the US team successfully. The client needed a consultant with proven experience, flexibility and speed.

The Results – finding high-level consulting solutions with years of experience and appropriate certifications

Compass delivered a solution who had great experience, verified success in the industry and was also certified in this field. Since bringing in the consultant into a C-suite position, the client has been making great strides in building up their US operations. The speed, flexibility and level of expertise that Compass offered was crucial in their client’s success.