Contingent Workforce Partnerships

Support for organizations leveraging vendor programs.

High-Level Service For High-Volume Needs

Partnership is the hallmark of this service offering.

Compass provides support for large organizations that leverage a VMS to manage their contingent workforce.  

Our focus and commitment allows us to provide specialized support to companies that require swift placements for high-volume professional needs throughout their organization.  

“Partnership” is the hallmark of this service offering. Our contingent workforce specialists work closely with your supplier management team to help deliver experts to your organization. For every client, we take the time to understand the process and needs for each specific resource requirement. 

Every company we partner with receives personalized and focused attention. As your company and teams grow, Compass is ready to adapt and help manage that growth, giving you more freedom to focus on strategic decisions that need your attention. 

Why Choose Compass?

We’re All-in on Life Sciences

Our laser focus translates to unrivaled industry knowledge. You'll gain a partner who understands your specific challenges and connects you with the perfect talent to tackle them.

We Give You Unparalleled Access to Top

With our large network of experts, we connect you with the perfect fit, no matter how specialized the role or niche the expertise.

We Produce Measurable Results

We connect you with talent that accelerates product development and achieves strategic goals—and we have the track record to back it up.

We Flex to Your Needs

  We offer a diverse range of solutions to seamlessly scale your team and optimize resources.

We Go Beyond Resumes

We ensure the experts we provide are aligned with your culture, mission, goals, and strategy.

We’re Your Dedicated Partner

We provide unmatched personal attention to every client and professional we serve.