Contract to Full Time

A flexible solution for outsourced consultants.

Long-Term Stability And Flexibility

An immediate solution with the ability to extend an employment offer.

Contract to full time equivalent (FTE) is a flexible solution for clients that have an immediate need for a contract-based consultant but may want the option of hiring that consultant full-time at a later date.  

Contract to FTE provides both stability and flexibility. You can see how a consultant approaches work and contributes to the organization before extending an offer of full-time employment. You are under no obligation  if your needs change or if the person is not the right fit. But if you do wish to extend an offer, Compass makes the transition seamless and smooth.  

When you would like to build your team with top consultants, but variables and uncertainty make full-time hiring risky, contract to FTE is an ideal solution to help you achieve your immediate and long-term goals. 

Why Choose Compass?


Our sole focus is matching life science experts with great organizations.

Measurable Results 

Our experts will move products to market faster and achieve strategic growth goals.


We ensure that the experts we provide are aligned with your culture, mission, goals, and strategy. 

Expansive Reach​

With our large network of experts we have the connections to help you find the right fit.


Short and long-term engagements including projects, contract to full time, and direct hire.

Service Excellence

We provide unmatched personal attention to every client and professional we serve.