Compass is on a Podcast!

Compass Consulting’s very own Senior Recruiter Lisa Weiss had the pleasure of being invited to record an episode for a podcast, Backpack to Briefcase.

Backpack to Briefcase, is a career-focused podcast where the host, Jasmine Carver, speaks with college graduates, recruiters and hiring managers about job hunting, and making candidates’ personal brands stand out. Making the transition from being a college student to an employee can be scary, but Jasmine understands this and uses her podcast to help make that transition less stressful.

This episode covers many areas of the hiring process, and we highly encourage you to take a listen here.

Some of the highlights are:

  1. Thank you notes (post-interview)
  2. Keeping candidates warm


Thank you notes

The thank you note is often overlooked, especially with more interviews being virtual; however, Lisa really sees value in this area. Thank you notes help set candidates apart from others who are applying for the same role. These notes offer that personal touch, while clarifying questions that the candidate wanted to go in more depth, which can be a bonus!

Keep candidates warm

Candidates can be skeptical about applying for a position, especially when asked for a specific number of years’ experience. But it’s important to remember that the years of experience might not be a priority. Lisa explains her work with a candidate who was in this situation. When the interview process began, Lisa discovered a panelist who had a mutual connection with her candidate. The panelist vouched for the candidate and ultimately gave them an offer. The network of connections within the life science industry is quite small, and can be used to the candidate’s advantage.

Listening to this episode can help you understand the interview process better and prepare you to succeed.

Great job, Lisa!

Please let us know how Compass Consulting and any of our recruiters can help you find your next role.

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