Welcome to Compass!

If you’re new, you might be asking, “Who is Compass Consulting, and what do they do?”

Welcome to Compass!

Compass Consulting is a staffing firm that specializes in the life sciences and biotech industries. Our team comprises of less than 20 people, but we know our teammates well and can navigate difficult situations very quickly. Read more about our teammates and their respective backgrounds here.

Our founder, Brett Forrest, has been part of the biopharmaceutical industry for his entire career. When he founded Compass in 2008, his focus was to match the best candidates with clients who aim to advance science and help patients in all areas of the world. All of our candidates are experts of their fields, but we don’t just match them with our clients based on experience alone; our recruiters make it a point to understand what our candidates are looking for, both professionally and personally.

What Makes Compass Different?

People often think that recruiters focus only on finding jobs for candidates, and that’s the end of the relationship. But for Compass candidates, we build and maintain those relationships through their jobs, and in their search when they’re ready for a new role. These relationships become key, especially during the current economic climate and COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates even help expand our network by referring colleagues and friends of their own. Compass appreciates referrals, and if we place them on jobs, we offer a referral bonus as a thank you.

Another way that Compass stands out is that we are industry-specific. While other firms may work with a number of clients with a range in industries, Compass focuses on positions within life sciences, biopharma, biotech and other relevant fields of study. The roles we work are very niche and aren’t common in other companies, such as scientific research, quality control, and clinical operations. This gives Compass a unique position in directly helping our clients further their science, clinical development and eventually bring their products to market.

Connect with Us!

We hope this gives you some more information about our company. If you’re a client and you’re looking to find support for an open position, schedule a consultation with us here.

If you’re a candidate who’s looking for your next opportunity, we have positions across the US available on our job board here.

We look forward to partnering with you!




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