Our Promise

Flexible service. Industry expertise.

Committed To Our Clients And Our Network of Professionals

Compass has cultivated one of the largest networks of professionals in the biopharma industry.

Compass’s sole focus is to provide seasoned industry professionals to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

Many businesses need extra support or flexibility as they move towards a product launch, or when organizational change leaves gaps on a team, or work on special projects. To our clients, we promise to provide efficient, accurate service that connects them quickly to experts who will integrate quickly into their team and add value throughout the engagement.

For our professionals, we promise to match your personal background, focus, and specialty with our clients’ needs. We commit to providing a wide range of projects, offer access to a full array of benefits and resources, and provide the flexibility to work at a variety of biopharma companies across the country.

Our Mission

The Compass mission is to partner with life science companies to provide strategic support in order to accelerate the development of products and services for unmet medical needs.

Our Values


Compass provides custom solutions based on what works best for you.


We make it easy for people to find the right experts, at the right time.


We are genuinely passionate about helping people.


Work hard to find the most qualified people for open jobs.


Work in unity with our clients to accomplish their goals, while cultivating transparent partnerships.


We are quick to understand and meet the needs of our clients.


Adjust function to enhance project outcome – whether these needs rely on time, budget, or scope.