Biotech Firm Uses Compass’s Large Network of Consultants to Quickly Scale Up Workforce

Compass was brought on by a large pharmaceutical company that was growing and developing their first targeted antibody and drug for cancer and primary progressive multiple sclerosis. They needed commercial and market research support and the ability to scale up or down depending on their success. They had an immediate need to bring on experts and struggled to find and attract talent that could be flexible given the uncertainty of their products.

Compass was able to successfully determine the best solution based on their short and long-term needs. By placing contract hires at different stages of their commercial launch, including the hiring of their contingent workforce, Compass played an integral part in building out their commercial and market research team which led to their ultimate success.

The Challenge – finding and attracting life science talent

Finding and attracting qualified professionals was difficult from a time and cost standpoint. The company worked with several outside agencies, but had little success due to the difficulty in finding biotech professionals with the right combination of experience, education and employment flexibility.

The Results – industry experts with flexible workforce solutions

Compass quickly stepped in and was able to provide consultants to fill immediate gaps in their workforce. Compass provided onboarding and coaching to the consultants and ultimately many were turned into permanent hires.

After successfully providing a customized solution which was a mix of direct hires, contract hires, contract to permanent and temporary solutions, Compass was named a preferred supplier and later became a part of their contingent workforce suppliers.

Compass Consultants Filled Short and Long-Term Positions

  • Competitive Intelligence Consultant: Conference Coverage and Reports
    Consultant role that travels to Europe to attend the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and provides a Competitive Intelligence (CI) report of the hepatitis/liver diseases market from the conference.
  • Competitive Intelligence Consultant: Competitive Landscapes
    Consultant role that updates its competitive landscapes for their oncology portfolio. In this environment, a landscape is a dashboard that includes multiple data points on competitors and is often updated monthly.
  • Primary Market Research Manager Consultant: Vendor Management (Tamiflu and Valcyte)
    Consultant role to manage vendors that were conducting market research and serve as a liaison for the Market Planning group to the brand.
  • eMarketing Manager Maternity Leave Coverage
    Consultant coverage for a seven-month maternity leave in their eMarketing group. A Compass consultant filled the role of a senior product manager and rapidly integrated into the team to cover the work.
  • Managed Care Sales Team Consultants
    A team of Consultants to lead a seven-month project to pilot a new program with customers. Compass rapidly put together a team of five consultants who led the seven-month project.


Need to scale your biotech workforce fast? Compass has the experts you need. Our large network of consultants offers flexible, on-demand solutions to your toughest workforce challenges. Connect with our team today to learn more.