Partnering with a Fast Moving Pharma Company to Launch Two Products in Six Months

The Challenge – quickly find and onboard mid to senior-level leadership talent

A pharmaceutical company that provides treatments for people living with serious and rare diseases was launching two products simultaneously. The launches were to occur six months apart and required mid to senior-level leadership consultants who would work under the V.P.

Some of the challenges in finding the right talent were:

  • An extremely fast-paced culture that not every person can thrive in
  • A hiring manager with extremely high expectations for team members
  • Bi-coastal

The Solution – understand a unique culture and find talent that would thrive

Our experts immediately went to work gaining insight into the company culture. This insight helped them to determine what type of employees they were looking for and the types of people who would be successful at this company. Because the client had deadlines bearing down on them, the Compass team knew we had to find people that were experienced in wearing many hats and to find them quickly.

With one of the largest networks of specialized consultants in the industry, Compass filled five senior management roles, three contract positions, and two case managers in just two months.

The Results – 22 positions filled by seasoned professionals

Compass helped this client achieve its goals by setting expectations correctly from day one. This was a fast-moving company with the feel of a startup that needed to gain a hold on policies and procedures. We knew we had to find people who would thrive in this type of environment and would likely be asked to wear several hats.

We helped the client keep their expectations realistic throughout the process, but because we work so closely with our clients, have proven processes and offer one of the largest networks in the industry, we were able to exceed those expectations.

Working closely with the CCO, Compass aided in the placement of two key senior-level hires and ten additional industry-experienced consultants quickly. Compass filled five senior management roles, three contract positions and two case manager roles only two months.

Our client commented, “I was just so impressed with how easy and fast Compass made this process. Not to mention, the consultants that we did see were all qualified and what we were looking for.”

Our continuous collaboration and library of seasoned senior-level executives allowed us to serve the right consultants at the right time for this launch.