Sourcing Talent in Stealth Mode: A Hiring Success Story

In the fast-evolving biotechnology field, finding the right talent is hard enough. For Compass’s recent client, a preclinical gene therapy company, the task was even tougher. They needed CRISPR gene editing experts but couldn’t openly advertise their needs or the exciting projects they were working on.

Because they were operating in stealth mode, it was difficult to attract the attention of highly specialized professionals essential for their success. They needed a hiring partner who could find the right talent and protect their proprietary editing platform—all without slowing down their progress. That’s where Compass came in, ready to tackle their challenges head-on.

The Compass Solution: Strategic Recruitment in Stealth

Identifying Talent in the Shadows: Compass went in with a clear strategy: find the right talent for the client without compromising their stealth mode operations. Leveraging its deep talent network and industry knowledge, Compass discreetly identified candidates with the specific expertise in CRISPR technology that the client needed. Compass reached out to potential candidates without revealing the client’s identity or the nature of their work.

Creating a Recruitment Framework: The client lacked an internal team for hiring, so Compass stepped in to fill the gap. Compass worked closely with the client’s leadership team to develop a recruitment process that fit the company’s unique situation. Together, they set up timelines, interview processes, and evaluation criteria that ensured candidates not only had the right skills but could also work within the confidential nature of the project.

Making Successful Placements: Compass successfully hired two Senior Research Associates specialized in CRISPR Screening and Functional Genomics.

The Outcomes: Boosting Research and Recruitment

Accelerating Research: With the new hires on board, the client saw an immediate impact on their research projects. These Senior Research Associates brought with them the knowledge and skills to advance the client’s use of CRISPR technology, pushing the company closer to its research goals.

A New Standard for Hiring: The processes and strategies developed in partnership with Compass gave the client a solid foundation for future hiring, enabling them to attract top talent while maintaining their low-profile status.

Confidentiality and Trust: Throughout the recruitment process, all of Compass’s communications and interactions with candidates were conducted with the utmost respect for confidentiality. As a result, the client’s proprietary information was protected and trust was deepened among Compass, the client, and the candidates.

Moving Forward with Confidence

By securing the right talent in a challenging environment, Compass not only contributed to the client’s immediate research needs but also equipped them with a robust recruitment framework for the future.

Compass’s strategic recruitment practices can overcome the unique challenges faced by preclinical biotechnology companies, ensuring their innovative work progresses smoothly and securely.

Our recruitment solutions are tailored to find the specialized talent you need to drive your research forward, while safeguarding your most sensitive projects. Meet with our team today to learn more.